Research Network on

Energy Workforce Transitions

A just and fair transition for All

What is ReNEWT ?

The Research Network on Energy Workforce Transitions (ReNEWT) is a consortium of policy analysts and researchers from all over the World. The aim is to debate and evaluate implementable solutions to ensure a just and equitable transition for workforces in fossil fuel-based sectors. Established in 2018 by the London School of Economics, the ReNEWT network is consists of 60 researchers from around 25 different research institutions across North America, Europe, India, China and Australia, brought together to identify the social and economic opportunities and challenges related to a fair and just transition to carbon neutrality. ReNEWT Secretariat is currently managed by the RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment.



Encourage the development of solid and creative solutions through learning and dialogue between research institutions.


Provide evidence-based policy tools that can help local stakeholders from different fossil fuel-resilient economies manage the transition of their workforce to carbon-neutral activities proactively while safeguarding their economies.


Develop an innovative set of knowledge based on best practices to help produce effective just transition policies at local and global level.


Build bridges between policy-makers and researchers to ensure the relevance and the practicability of the global just transition research agenda and to adequately inform decision-making by the different stakeholders involved: labour union stakeholders, private-sector and government.